We are glad to be part of a beautiful project involving many string quartets all over the world, which consists in recording and sharing a 35 movements string quartet composed by Frank Horvat to celebrate the World Human Rights Day.

 Composer Frank Horvat wrote “The Thailand HRD’s”, a 35-movement string quartet based on 35 photos by award-winning UK-born photographer Luke Duggleby. Both photos and music are inspired by the stories of a group of Thai Human Rights Activists who were either murdered and/or have gone missing because of the work they did trying to protect the environment.

Listen to the third movement, which is dedicated to Mr Narin Phodaeng:

Mr Narin Phodaeng, 67, was shot dead in his petrol station on 1 May 2001. He was the President of the Khao Chaang Klang Thung Environmental Protection and Natural Re- source Conservation Association in Khao Chamao District of Rayong Province. The groups were protesting a mining company working at a nearby mountain.

More Infos:
Composition: The Thailand HDRs by Frank Horvat
Photography: Luke Duggleby
Video: Rita Hajjar