Diogenes Quartet – Video Portrait

Production: Jenny Scherling – Balder & Jesch Filmportraits

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quartet in G major KV 387, 1. Allegro vivace assai
Live recording of the Saarländische Rundfunk – Chamber Music Days Mettlach 2018

Hugo Wolf:
Italian Serenade for String Quartet
Live recording of the Saarländische Rundfunk – Chamber Music Days Mettlach 2018

Ludwig van Beethoven:
String Quartet in B major op. 18,6
Live recording, Auditorio Municipal, Vilagarcia – Spain, 1.12.2017

Pierre-Dominique Ponnelle: String Quartet No. 3 
Live-Stream, Carl Orff Zentrum, Munich  10.10.2020

The 3rd string quartet is often performed as part of a reading by the actress Franziska Bronnen under the title „Czernowitz – die Stadt, in der Menschen und Bücher lebten“

Max Reger: String Sextet in F major op. 118 – 2. Movement: Vivace
with Roland Glassl, Viola and Wen-Sinn Yang, Cello – Frankfurt 2016

The full performance is available as part of the 6-DVD boxed set “Maximum Reger” by the British company Fugue State Films. Read more about the project…

Franz Schubert: String Quartet in E flat major D87 – 4. Movement: Allegro

Friedrich Gernsheim: CD production in the Himmelfahrtskirche München Sendling

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Franz Schubert: String Quartet G major D887


1. Movement: Allegro molto moderato

2. Movement: Andante un poco mosso

3. Movement: Scherzo: Allegro vivace – Trio: Allgretto

  Schubert Vol.6 Cover klein

Franz Schubert:
String Quartet d minor D810
Der Tod und das Mädchen


1. Movement: Allegro

2. Movement: Andante con moto

4. Movement: Presto


Franz Schubert:
String Quartet a minor D804


1. Movement: Allegro ma non troppo

2. Movement: Andante

3. Movement: Minuetto (Allegretto) –  Trio


Max Bruch:
String Quartet c minor op. 9


1. Movement:  Allegro ma non troppo

2. Movement: Adagio

3. Movement: Allegro molto energico



   A Dream of Brahms  –  live recording BR, Pullach 27.11.2009:
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