Brahmstage Tutzing – Brahms meets Jazz
19.00 Uhr
Tutzing, Aula des Gymnasiums

A Dream of Brahms – Brahms meets Jazz

In this groundbreaking project the Diogenes Quartet collaborates once more with its longtime chamber music partner Andreas Kirpal. Together they appear on stage with the Max Grosch Quartet. But this is not to be seen as a simple confrontation between two different styles. Works by Johannes Brahms provide the structure on which thrilling improvisations are created without ever losing the sonority pattern of the original. Jazz and classical music blend fluently, overlap each other to then move apart again and finally be rearranged in a completely own sound, which combines the best features of two very different musical worlds. This varied and creative programme unfolds the strengths of the two ensembles. Nine musicians work together on stage and produce a unique sonority, which touches the audience and conveys a dreamy atmosphere: a dream of Brahms…

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